Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rock On

3 days in a row now I have gotten my fat ass up by 6 to exercise. OH. MY. WORD. Sooooooo tired. I know plenty of people get up that early if not earlier for whatever reason, but man alive do I miss that extra 30-45 minutes of sleep. Holy Moley. (dude, how the hell do you spell that?)

***Please excuse the swearing. Apparently losing sleep makes my IQ go down and my need to swear go up***

I'm so dang glad that I have made myself get up. Though I was going to Turbo Jam it up this morning, our DVD player isn't working so I just did Just Dance. Which is fine by me, cause man that shit is fun. (see, there I go again) I'm so glad that no one has ever filmed me playing that game. I'm sure I look like a bigger freak than usual. But that can't be helped. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. Especially with a friend or two or three. The calories burned by laughing alone makes it worth it.

Okay. So. Spring cleaning. Over the last two days I have gotten out ALL of the kids' clothes. I have culled out the ones to donate and throw away. I have sorted them according to size and gender. And I have boxed and labeled. Sadly, I can't find my duct tape so I'm not sure that the boxes are going to stay closed, but it's close enough, right? Right. That's what I thought, too. Now I have to get it all put back somewhere. Great. Though it'll be nice to get my living room back.

Unfortunately, when I do projects like this one, the rest of my house goes down the shitter. About the only thing I have kept up on is the dishes. A person needs plates and glasses and forks and such to eat, so they must be done. And dishes these days take longer to clean up. Wanna know why? Our dishwasher is leaking. Awesome. So... I had to go out and buy one of those dish drying rack thingys (bought 2, actually) and the kids and I have been washing all of our dishes by hand. Most of the time I don't think it's too big of a deal. It would be easier if Alex didn't feel the need to help. But there's no stopping a 1yo when he's got his mind set on something. Well, short of putting him in a straight jacket and locking him in his room. And I just can't ever seem to find a straight jacket in his size. Maybe I should check craigslist.

Okay. So my goals for today (drum roll please):
  • Put these blasted boxes of clothes away
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Sweep AND Mop
  • Maybe bathrooms
  • Clear out some kitchen clutter
  • Go for a run
Not sure that all of that will happen, but as long as I cross some of them off, I'll be happy. Cause seriously dudes, I am TIRED. *sigh*

Peace out, friends. Thanks for reading. =D

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Angelkris said...

I get up at 6 everyday, but not to exercise. That's a whole different ball game. You win.