Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday went pretty darn well. I didn't get to my room, but I got a couple of other things done. I ran an errand for Dave before I went for my run. My run felt SO good. I didn't get all "meh" in the middle like I sometimes do. Ran a solid 2 mi. which isn't bad for my third run in 2 weeks. I'm really trying to get back into a groove. Maybe I will finally start to lose some of this fat! Wouldn't that be awesome? Heck yeah! Maybe I will no longer be asked when my baby is due. That would definitely be happy. =)

So for cleaning, I think I got to everything other than my room. I swept/mopped, did the kids' bathroom (didn't get to mine), dishes, laundry (got 2 loads folded and put away) and I vacuumed. Awesome.

Nate and I played the Wii for almost an hour together. That's always a blast. He totally beat me a bowling. I accidentally beat him at baseball. I felt really bad. I didn't mean to! We did a connect-the-dot, too. Nate really needs to work on his coloring/writing skills.

So, overall, a pretty good day.

Oh, and Dave took us out to eat, and then we went to family swim. Totally awesome!!!


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