Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One More Thing

So, TMN (TheMommiesNetwork, for those of you lame enough to NOT know ;) ) is always looking for more bloggers. I've thought about it before. I always remind myself how inconsistent I am, and forgetful, and lazy, and BUSY. But here I am, thinking about doing it again. And I only post on my own personal blog (which I'm sure not many of you are going to actually read) every once in a while. So I probably shouldn't do it. But I DO like to write, though I am not nearly as witty as Miss R. or as sarcastic as Miss M. I'm probably a pretty lousy writer (It's so hard to judge myself). But I'm still thinking about it. I am my own worst enemy. *sigh* Sometimes (okay, maybe all the time) I wish I had someone that would just make my decisions for me. Anyone want the job?

I drive myself crazy. So I hate to think what I do to the rest of you... (please keep your answers to yourself)