Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Game Plan

Okay, so the first thing you need to know before I even get to the game plan part is that I am the QUEEN of lack-of-follow-through. I'm not kidding. I really really stink at following through on anything. Okay. Now to the important part.

The Game Plan:
~Get up earlier and post a bloggy about my goals for the day.
~Work on my goals.
~Post another bloggy or at least a comment at the end of the day letting the world know what I did or did not accomplish.


So now you are asking... "Why are you doing this?" I know you are. I can already tell that you're hanging on my every word. I hope you're not hoping to be blown away... cause it ain't gonna happen friends. I, however, feel much more content now that I have my little game plan.

Okay, so why I'm doing this. #1 is to blog more. I enjoy sitting and writing, and this will give me a topic without any effort whatsoever on my part. #2 is that I am EXTREMELY lazy. I am trying to improve on that. I need to get more done. Plain and simple. And that would in-turn lead to me being a better mommy/wife, which is super super important. Cause I kind of stink at the whole mommy thing. #3 is so that if any of you happen to randomly read one of my blogs with what I'm going to do that day, then you can totally call me on it via facebook or whatever.


I'm excited.

Now, before any of you jump in with a "you're not that lazy" or "You don't stink at the mommy thing" which we moms all automatically do when someone points out one of their faults, let me explain a little further. I believe very strongly that it is super-extra-important to be aware of our shortcomings. Not to dwell on them, but to improve on them. I know too many people that are too okay with how they are now. There's ALWAYS something that you can improve on. I think that the moment you are content with who you are is when you have to start all over. Okay, so maybe that's a little harsh, but you get the picture.

None of you knew me when Isabel was little. I can promise you that I was horrible as a mother, wife and housekeeper. Really. There's no excuse. I have had some people try to give me that "young" excuse, but I refuse it. Seriously. The way I was was not okay. I was very depressed, but I feel like mostly it was poor choices and trying to avoid reality. So. I have come a LONG way. My house is still cluttered, but it's not as dirty as it used to be. Nate watches too much TV so that I can sit on my lazy butt, but not as much as Isabel watched when she was his age. I feel like I put truth to my faults and because I did that I have been able to make changes. They have been small changes, but I have gradually become much better at all of them. I still have so far to go, though! Depression is always kind of lingering and trying to move in again. I have good days and bad days with everything. But I just want to take the next steps.

Now... if only I could find some good parts about myself to also focus on! lol I fail at that part, dudes. It's good to find things that are good about yourself. It's MUCH easier to find the bad stuff. *sigh* If any of you figure out the secret to that, please let me know. ;)

So... here's to follow-through! I hope I can pull it off. And blow you away with my awesomeness.


Peace out.

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Nicole said...

I can totally relate. I am super lazy about housework too and the kids watch way to much TV.
I just wrote a 'spring cleaning' list and it's 4 pages long. Seriously depressing. I have to do it though, because the clutter is suffocating me. I love having a small house, but you definitely have to stay on top of the clutter. I'll look forward to your updates and maybe you can even motivate my lazy butt too. :)