Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Right Decision

Last night, Dave was going to a baseball game that he won tickets to at work. He called and said he was going to grab a bite to eat with his buddies before they went. That's cool. No problem. My first thought after I got off the phone with him was "Maybe the kids and I can go out to eat, too."


But we're trying to not really eat out, and trying to save money. We're getting close to paying off everything but our mortgage, so now is not the time to start spending money on the fun stuff. So I made myself cook. I really really didn't want to. My plans for dinner did NOT sound good to me at all. But I cooked anyway. I tell you, that was a hard decision to make. But it was the right decision. (Man I hate that) So, while I know it was by no means a life-changing event, I'm still semi-proud of myself for not giving in to what I REALLY wanted to do. (Taco Bell and the Mt. Dew that goes with sounded really fantastic)

And it turns out that my hubby and his buddies didn't go out to eat after all. So when he got home to change, he got to eat dinner with us.

I guess God was giving me props for making the right decision. =)

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Jessica said...

taco bell' baja blast is the boys favorite, but kudos on not running to the border. i can never tell bart if i even think about eating out, or he will want to right away, even though we may not need to spend that money on it.