Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have my computer back! Woot woot!!! I just can't seem to stay on top of things when Dave takes my computer. And this time it was for 5 full days, leading into a weekend, when I don't really use it anyway. So it really threw me off dudes. So it feels very happy to have it back. =)

So let's see. What did we do while he was gone? A whole lotta nuthin. ;) We had dinner our friend's house. That was fun. I got to coach soccer Sat. morning. That was an experience. I get to do it again this weekend, and I'm pretty excited. Though hopefully my foot will be feeling better by then. (I hurt it TWO weeks ago and it isn't the slightest bit better. Yuck!)

Oh, and later on Sat. I decided to hit the 6 hour sale at hyvee. Yeah. With three kids. OH. MY. WORD. Never again, my friends. Never again. They behaved extremely well, though. I don't think I had any threats to hand out. And while I was happy to get a gallon of milk for $.99, it was sooooooo not worth it! There's really no experience like stalking a fellow shopper out to their vehicle in the hopes that you can relieve them of their cart. But we lived through it. And I remembered just about everything that was and was not on our list! Sweet.

Now on to choosing a heating company to replace our furnace. Super. I just love spending boatloads of money that I'm pretty sure we don't have. Very fun. But alas, we cannot be blowing CO2 into our house, so it must be done. Yippee! It's extra fun when one of the companies refuses to talk to me because I'm the 'little woman' Yup. They've been calling Dave at work to talk to him, which he doesn't have time for. Seriously people. I promise that I have a head attatched about a foot above my boobs. Pinky promise.

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