Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boot Camp

My bloggy friends Jessica and Megan reminded me that I haven't blogged for quite some time. So maybe I'll post on my experiences during boot camp, too. Nothing like stealing an idea. ;) Though, to be honest, I feel like mine will be from a different angle than theirs.

A little back-story...
1. I actually LIKE to exercise. I am just having a hard time finding the time/motivation to get my fat ass moving.
2. Related to #1, I was actually certified as a personal trainer for a while. So I know a little sumthin sumthin about exercise.
3. As someone that was formerly somewhat athletic, being fat has probably been the most difficult thing I've ever dealt with.
4. I've been going to the Y semi-regularly for a couple of years now. Not that that has given me any sort of leg up with Boot Camp. I haven't actually gone regularly for about 6-9 mo. So I'm pretty out of shape.

So day #1 wasn't too bad. We did some basic fitness tests that we'll compare on the last day of boot camp. Hopefully we will all have improved. I opted to push myself pretty hard so that I have a better indication of whether I actually improved or not. We shall see. I'm not feeling overly optimistic at this point. I mean, seriously, my belly flops more than my 'girls'.

My upper body was semi-soreish on Tuesday. I have a love/hate relationship with that feeling. Love it because I know I actually USED my muscles. Hate it because it makes the most basic things, like scratching my back for crying out loud, burn like crazy.

Today's run was harder, I thought. All that blasted sprinting just about did me in. Cold weather+asthma+interval training= asthma attack. SUPER. But I wheezed my way along, secretly hoping the lead person would take pity on the rest of us and slow her ass down. And somehow I ended up with the leader chick right behind me. Greeaaaat. So when I'm in front, I can't slow it down to what can barely be called jogging. No. I have to keep freakin jogging for real. Awesome.

And then came the real joy of boot camp. I had kind of planned on the whole running thing. Otherwise, I wasn't really sure what to expect. The whole progressive thing bit. Totally. I hate pushups. Of course that was the thing we did the most of. Don't really like dips either. But I did them (not with my legs straight though. SHH! Don't tell Jessica. Please. I'm begging. Don't tell her.) But the one thing that I really truely loathe with all of my being is burpies. SER-I-OUS-LY. I can see no physical benifit to burpies. I hated them in Jr/Sr High when I was actually in awesome shape (and looked damn good, I might add) And I hate them even more now as a fatty. Do you know what a burpie is? Well, just in case, I should tell you. You really need a visual, though, to get the full effect.

How to do a burpie:
1. Jump in the air w/ your arms up.
2. Land.
3. Squat down.
4. Shoot your legs out behind you to a pushup position.
5. Bring your legs back in.

Now here's the thing. I can do 1-4 okay. Some people have issues with #2, but we don't judge at boot camp. ;) It's #5 where I run into problems. I feel like my 1yo when he's standing back up after falling down. I never seem to make it back into that proper squat position. Instead, my legs are apart and only somewhat bent. And my ass is sticking way up in the air. Awesome. Really really awesome. Can't wait to do it again.

And I have one more word for you: CHAFING. My fat thighs rub together so much that it's starting to hurt! Okay. TMI. But that's the fun of boot camp. =D

Starting weight for BC: 175. Yuck. Ick. Blech.
Time to bring that baby down a bit.



Jessica said...

Oh, another blog about bootcamp! PERFECT...and I love that you have a very different angle, too.
Um, burpie...I cheated. i could not do that so I did "my" version of them :)
AND, I was on the same bench as Jess during the squat things and HAD to keep my damn legs straight! Not far :)

Megan R. said...

Um... I never even did one full burpie. Those things are horrendous. My fat ass doesn't go up in the air. Sad, but true. I was on the same bench as Jessica, too, so I had to to the dips. Bleah.

I'm SO glad you are blogging about this too!

Kirsten said...

Lori...I was just with you today...why didn't you tell me you were blogging about our great experience:) Now, just don't go and tell the world about out walking experiences on the other days!! See you on Monday!!

Angelkris said...

My 'girls' don't bounce less then my tummy- they all just jiggle together in one mezmerizing motion. I haven't ever done a burpie, but now that I know what it is- I'm going to try it!